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Toward The Light
There are over 1000 deep sea oil wells with weak cement walls like the well 'Deepwater Horizon' was working on when it blew up on 20 April 2010 spewing millions of gallons of crude oil into  Gaia's (Earth's) waters.

The world's biodiversity has declined at an unprecedented rate and another 41,000+ species are threatened.

The glaciers and ice sheets of Greenland are melting.

Human creation of heat-trapping gases is killing Gaia (Earth). Burning more of Earth's remaining fossil fuels on earth will send Earth's climate into an out-of-control instability.

Wars are taking hundred's of thousands of lives and destroying ecological balances.

Man has lost spirituality while  religion no longer calms man but kills mankind.

Mankind is devoted to developing more powerful weapons with which to kill each other human.

Will human-kind's end come soon?

Coming October 2010: a solution-Themis "Schemata 2012"

Themis Schemata 2012 Coming October 2010

Expired schemata may be your resting place in 2012.
Schemata can influence and hamper the uptake of new information by imposing its own proactive interference-regime. When existing stereotypes give rise to limited or biased discourses and expectations an individual may "see" or "remember" something that has not happened because it is more comfortable to their schema. Meanwhile, reality marches on, you fail to seek safety, your old schema your demise. Τηεμισ (ΤΗΕΜΙΣ)

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Themis Schemata 2012 - Coming October 2010
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