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Formed in late 2007 after a false start as a larger punk-rock project comprised of moonlighting members of other bands, Themis as a duo features Ruffian Angel (Micheal, principal song writer, guitarist and vocalist) and The Countess (Kathleen, drums, percussion, vocals.).

Lead singer and guitarist Ruffian Angel (Micheal) set out in 2007 to morph the band into an all-ages effort, focussed on producing Themis original material extolling the beauty of nature and ecology in a Wiccan-like framework of ecological beliefs.

Themis launched into something original, friendly, Gothicus and evolving between the light and the darkness some time between the middle ages and tomorrow. That means that it is hard to categorize except to say that it is Wicca Rock, a new genre. [1]

Each song is: melodic, most have ultra bright lyrics filled with hope and love (*) with a quick time for dance; feature live tribal drumming (no drum machines in Themis music) and percussively rythmic guitar. * Although the gothic tradgedy set out in the song "Shattered" verily bleeds in pain, it's ending points to a brighter, alternative solution to the tragic teen crisis: broken relationship / broken heart / followed by suicide. The song although dark, suggests a better ending.

Themis uniquely combines classic rock elements with a progressive and decidedly gothic sound. The songs have catchy melodies and tell stories with Wicca themes, such as a profound love of nature, a reverence for all life, and the power of nature's omnipotent rule overman's mortal law.

Appropriately named after Themis, the Greek Titanness of nature's law and order, Themis has a spirit, a philosophy and a big sound.


Ruffian Angel has a large repertoire of musical background, starting his musical career as a drummer with a band called Marmalade and gradually widening his horizons to encompass guitar, vocals, composing, song writing, and more. Ruffian is the band's front-man, combining powerful vocals with occasional unrelenting guitar leads and a generally percussive style of rythmic guitar.

The Countess debuted in a rock band on the drums in Themis after playing in a wind orchestra and touring with an Irish Dance troupe. The Countess supplies percussion and second vocals, complementing Ruffian's powerhouse voice.

Themis delivers hauntingly beautiful melodies, vividly descriptive stories, and an entertaining live act that makes you either comfortably engrossed in your seat or explosively active on the dance floor. At times the powerful operatic lines in songs like "Your Angel" send shivers down your spine and inspire participation with the music.

The songs carry through and meld with one another as in a rock opera, promulgating their message: "The beauty of this day is not lost on me...On this wooden log in the Forest of Life, I carve my flute with my hands and my knife for the love of life" as in their Web Music hit 'Love of Life'.


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