Pink Clouds and Orange Lily Pads

A Novel and Movie Suitable for The Family, based on the Themis song Your Angel

Sun Jul 22 00:49:28 2018

"Pink Clouds and Orange Lily Pads" is a book, step outline, and scriptment written for a photo-realistic animation, motion capture movie. All three were completed by Themis lead singer and guitarist Ruffian Angel  on April 20, 2011 one year after the 2010 explosion of Deepwater Horizon. On that day in 2011, marine life and coastal animal life was still dying from the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Says the author, "I have written ten technology books, thousands of magazine articles (Aerospace Canada, Canadian Aviation, Aerospace and Defence Technology, The Wednesday Report, MacLean's Magazine, Time Magazine and more), many songs plus much music. This is my first novel/movie. It is now in final edit."

Ecology and wildlife-preservation themes are embedded in an entertaining novel exploring the possibility (fantasy) of Earth's other animals coming to the rescue undoing harm mankind has done to nature.

If you could know what the other sentient beings of earth might say about mankind's polluting ways, it would likely not differ much from what you will learn from "Pink Clouds and Orange Lily Pads".

Imagine a graceful aeroplane designed by a natural born aviator, a bird. Then watch the bird fly this graceful, silver-winged beauty in 3D.

From corrupt government underpinnings to screaming fast airplane attacks and earth-shaking explosions, the story bursts into life around a small dynamic family renown for rescuing animals and finding them legit homes. When the couple stumble into something during a woodland rescue that exposes illegal HAZMET dumpers, they fall into deep personal trouble themselves. The Angels' 'babies' come to life (voice acting, character animation), uniting an array of rescued creatures to form "The Angels Rescue Brigade" (TARB) for a rescue of their own. Gripping drama unfolds in a series of action-packed adventures that explode in a surprising array of challenges to these colourfully delightful characters.

Watch for news about this exciting Canadian project. ~ Learn about Mookie and the Themis song "Orphan"Tears
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